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GDNews June 2016 11-01-2017 14:17


By: Bram Prins, GDF President

Last couple of months we saw some remarkable developments especially in New Zealand and Australia concerning pay back milk money, which was already paid out to the farmers. This is horrible for our colleagues and not foreseen in their liquidity planning. My lessons are that we as farmers ourselves are responsible for our decisions and have to be aware that even a co-operative is not handling according the needs of their members. Be aware by financing the co-operative with external funds, you have to accept the conditions of the lenders. And be sure they want to have an acceptable efficiency. In other sectors is 10% normal. Again an argument in favour for backwards integration in the food chain! 

Our partner Lely has concepts on farm level for producing and marketing your own milk. See for a short description their website and this GDNews. 

Another issue is finding new innovative ways in marketing from the products of our partners. For this we are organising an inspiration session together with AERES University (new name for CAH University Dronten) and some of our partners beginning of July. 

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