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GDNews April 2016 11-01-2017 14:06


By : Bram Prins, GDF President 

Dear all,  

Hot topic at the moment is the low milk price. Nearly no farm is able  to produce milk for these farm gate prices. Big question remains: are we at the bottom or not. It seems to me that this will be reached now or very soon. I expect, however, the recovering to last until beginning of 2017? It appears oil prices are increasing with average prices for 2016 being $$44/barrel. Only the special products have good prices. This is reflecting in the farm gate prices. One 'benefit' is the current and most likely future low feed price. Also the industry mood darkens again about farm investments on the short term.

When writing this introduction our GDF manager Yvonne Leenders and I are preparing ourselves visitingthe Canadian DairyXPO  . GDF will present workshops on: Managing the future by yourself. Next to that, Yvonne is working on gathering insights on your opinion and your expectations from GDF. So it is quite likely you will get a phone call from her. In the near future you will find new features on the website and involving you more in our network! Enjoy reading this GDNews and we are working on better times! 

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