GDF Congress 2017

About the congress 2017

Once every year the Global dairy Farmers (GDF) Congress is organized, each time in a different country / continent.

This years' congress was held in Malang and Surabaya, Indonesia. With a group of about 50 to 60 dairy farmers and industry partners we visited interesting dairy farms, learned from key dairy industry speakers and have good discussions with each other about the future of dairy farming. Related to an actual dairy topic we organized this congress as the GDF management team together with our members, partners and local contacts.

This year’s theme ‘Got milk 2.0?’ was all about answering the question ‘How do we tackle the challenging dairy market’ for the entire dairy supply chain: the supplying industry, the dairy farmers themselves and the companies that buy and process the milk into products for the consumers? High level speakers from Nestle, McDonald’s, Jaylor, Keough Ledman Associates, Danone and Rabobank shared their insights and visions on this theme. Several progressive dairy farmers from all over the world also shared their views, showing that finding practical answers is not always easy.

Topics ranged from consumer demands, environmental sustainability and people management up to smallholder dairy farming initiatives and outlook of dairy farming in Asia and Indonesia in particular. Discussions were held with parties from the entire chain, ranging from (local) farmers up to key decision makers in the industry. The true value of the congress lies in the trust, integrity and confidentiality with which GDF partners and members exchange knowledge.

Besides the presentations and the discussions between the participants, the program also included a number of visits to different types of dairy farms in East-nec. Participating farms ranged from local, privately owned farms to large scale farms like Greenfields. The visits gave the participants the opportunity to learn and share practical knowledge.





Global Dairy Farmers has a restricted group of companies (business partners) which are members of GDF. There is a maximum of 12-14 business partners which do not compete with each other.