About us

Global Dairy Farmers is the worldwide network of leading dairy farmers and industry partners.

GDF is a platform for leading dairy farmers, with a restricted number of companies, from all over the world to meet each other for the discussion of new strategies, as a reaction to new policy measures, legislation and market developments.

Our aim is to bring dairy farmers and related business partners in touch with each other to share knowledge and to provide the opportunities to create new network relations and business.

We are registred as Cooperative Global Dairy Farmers U.A. More information

GDF was founded in 2006 by its former president Bram Prins. The GDF Management team currently exists of:

Ad van Velde and Alfons Beldman - Presidents

Co Daatselaar - Treasurer

Yvonne Leenders - Manager

Marieke Houkes - Assistant Manager

We wish to facilitate knowledge transfer between our members and partners and wish to have open discussions about dairy developments and strategies.

Most of our members are invited by the current GDF members, business partners or management team.


What kind of a network and group do we aim to be?

  • Mix of countries from all over the world
  • Mix of dairy farm models and sizes per country
  • A maximum of 5 me
  • mbers per country
  • Keep the group 'small' with a maximum of 100 members


 Profile of our members:

  • Open minded
  • Active; more activities besides farming
  • Innovative
  • Interested in international dairy farming
  • Fits into the existing group
  • Willing to share knowledge
  • Willing to travel the world to explore dairy farming 


Are you interested in becoming a member and or business partner? Don't hesitate to contact

Manager Yvonne Leenders for more information.

Global Dairy Farmers has a restricted group of companies (business partners) which are members of GDF. There is a maximum of 12-14 business partners which do not compete with each other.